• Get Help Now

    I have custom packages for one off sessions, or we can build one for extended support.


    I also offer a FREE 15 minute consultation for 1st time meetings. Message me through Instagram or email me through the contact page.


    My approach is a spiritual and energetic view of the dynamics in your relationship and how to navigate them. I'm highly intuitive, but I will put everything I see into practical measure for you.


    This is peer support and not to replace any other medical care you have in place. Our time is more un-therapy, meaning it's time for you to create something new rather then focus on what has been affecting your life so far.


    I will give you breakthrough support references for nutritional and supplemental support for yourself and your partners brain health. The best people to follow and books to read.


    I will give you scripts on how to get through a crisis with your loved one.

    Mostly I will be providing a guiding light so that you are never alone in the pain. I will have my focus on you and you will feel the support bring you relief and the space to make change.



    $2000 package