• About Temple

    "I got my sense of humor from God." Temple


    I have never seen myself as a saintly person in the eyes of the world. However, I do see myself as someone that see's God in all things at all times. That does not make me perfect. Far from it, but it does make me connected. The world is such and imperfect place and I am here in a body living it right along with all of you. With all the limitations this world has for us. Physical pain, emotional imbalances, fear, disappointment, attachments. I have them all.


    What I think is unusual about me is I take full responsibility for all of it. No matter how much it hurts. I know that I am creating all the pains in my life for some kind of purpose. I believe that purpose is to have empathy on a level that makes me a good teacher. A teacher that comes from compassion and understanding on all levels not just from a mental place of education, but wisdom from the very essence of life. That empathy gives me power. Power to believe what we are praying about. You can count on me to remember how powerful you are when you forget.


    Because of my awareness that this life is meant for learning. I have learned to laugh at the stories that we put ourselves through. I am truth teller. I rarely hide my feelings and I am very tuned in to other peoples feelings. I see the whole picture from above. How the whole family is effected and how your spirit is expressing itself. Very often I laugh at myself and the topics we talk about, even the most serious ones. It's good to find the ridiculous parts of our circumstances. Sometimes we will we never stop crying if we don't start laughing. I think my inappropriate humor is very appropriate to lift us up and lighten up when life is not making it easy for us.

    That's Life

    I have been married, divorced, married again. I was a foster parent for teenage girls for a few years. I was a girlfriend- step mom to four kids. I have lost more friends then I care to think of and have had my heart broken more times then I can count. I have lived with chronic illness and have studied everything I can think of about a healthy body. Had very successful careers, lost businesses. Had money, lost money. Through these things, I have asked myself a million times, "God, why do you want ME to talk to people?" The answer is always empathy.