• “Understanding how we are affecting the world and how the world is affecting us.”

    – Temple Cartmill

  • Whoops I married a Bipolar- AUDIO BOOK

    This is an inside look at the story of my experience of falling love with someone without knowing he had mental illness. The story is an emotional and spiritual reflection of the unfolding of bipolar disorder in the relationship. It is the story before the diagnosis. I want to help people realize what they are dealing with earlier and remove the shame of staying in the relationship. It's not a fairy tale, and we are not saints, so prepare yourself for the real adult story of love with bipolar.

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    Temple uses her unique perspective, hard-won skills and empathetic Heart as she turns her focus toward assisting those who live with this bi-polar phenomenon in their home.


    This book is an eye-opener and a must-read for those who feel alone in this situation. There is hope for your relationship.


    LR, Portland OR

    After a year, I never even read her book until this week when I bought it online.
    After reading it I am even more convinced how relatable her story was to me. Our husbands may have different diagnosis- but everything else was so familiar!
    She is one of the folks who inspired me to start blogging my story. She doesn’t know me, and I don’t know her/ but I appreciate her so much. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for inspiring me to share mine!



    Temple! What a great book! There were times that I felt like you were talking about my life, I think all of us can relate in so many ways! I’m really looking forward to the second one. Our mental Health system is sooo frustrating God Bless you and your husband. I have always thought about writing a book, I’m so glad that you did! And the title at first glance had me go hmmmm...and then realizing that we have to laugh instead of cry sometimes! I didn’t think it was offensive though.



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    Find the series that will best fit your life now.

    Restore the Relationship

    Putting Prayer in the middle of your marriage takes the weight off of you.

    The pain and stress and heartaches are relieved because you are not equipped to carry all that. Realistically very often we are not mentally/emotionally equipped to move past most of the things that have challenged our relationships without them leaving a big scar causing big defenses.


    Prayer is the way to defuse the bombs. Prayer gives you the power to let go of what's not working and the compassion to forgive even when you don't want to.​ Be an opportunist and use a tool that has been right at your fingertips.





    It does not make you a bad person when you're not great at relationships. It means that you have to recreate a life that fits you, where you have your own identity and power in. The roles have changed but the core energy of relationships is still the same.


    We all want to feel safe, loved, appreciated, empowered, respected, excited. The problem is we try to get everything we want in life out of one relationship. That is a recipe for failure.


    Stop the Bleeding

    Have you been to counseling? To the psychiatrist? Even to the Doctor?

    And your still fighting?

    Your still exhausted. Your still stuck. Try working from a place of conscious creating rather then aggressive actions. Doesn't it feel better just saying that?


    The emotional bleeding has you in a survival state that is holding you BOTH hostage. You've done the fighting for it part. Let's move forward. Get on with it!


    You can't get to peace from ANGER, RESENTMENT, DISCOURAGEMENT, right?


    That's why we have to stop the bleeding of emotional all over your relationship so that you can get to clarity and healing.



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    I have dozens of free videos in the IGTV section of Instagram with real time situations that you might face with your bipolar spouse.

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    Thank you for your posts. They help me with having more compassion with my husband and daughter who both suffer with bipolar..I get so frustrated but have to realize it's not them..its the bipolar. You are so right about having time to yourself. It is so important and helps a lot. It is hard being a caretaker in a marriage..and no one to care for us..we have to make it priority to care for ourselves as to not get burn out!

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    IG Comments

    @whoopsimarriedabipolar .
    I still feel like I was meant to stumble on her page. I was meant to see her story. I was meant to look at her videos and absorb the tips she posted online on managing life with a bipolar spouse.
    John was later correctly diagnosed with schizophrenia and correctly medicated (so far!) but I never forgot Temple. This entire time, I never even read her book until this week when I bought it online.
    After reading it I am even more convinced how relatable her story was to me. Our husbands may have different diagnosis- but everything else was so familiar!
    She is one of the folks who inspired me to start blogging my story. She doesn’t know me, and I don’t know her/ but I appreciate her so much. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for inspiring me to share mine!

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  • About Temple

    "I got my sense of humor from God." Temple


    I have never seen myself as a saintly person in the eyes of the world. However, I do see myself as someone that see's God in all things at all times. That does not make me perfect. Far from it, but it does make me connected. The world is such and imperfect place and I am here in a body living it right along with all of you. With all the limitations this world has for us. Physical pain, emotional imbalances, fear, disappointment, attachments. I have them all.


    What I think is unusual about me is I take full responsibility for all of it. No matter how much it hurts. I know that I am creating all the pains in my life for some kind of purpose. I believe that purpose is to have empathy on a level that makes me a good teacher. A teacher that comes from compassion and understanding on all levels not just from a mental place of education, but wisdom from the very essence of life. That empathy gives me power. Power to believe what we are praying about. You can count on me to remember how powerful you are when you forget.


    Because of my awareness that this life is meant for learning. I have learned to laugh at the stories that we put ourselves through. I am truth teller. I rarely hide my feelings and I am very tuned in to other peoples feelings. I see the whole picture from above. How the whole family is effected and how your spirit is expressing itself. Very often I laugh at myself and the topics we talk about, even the most serious ones. It's good to find the ridiculous parts of our circumstances. Sometimes we will we never stop crying if we don't start laughing. I think my inappropriate humor is very appropriate to lift us up and lighten up when life is not making it easy for us.

    That's Life

    I have been married, divorced, married again. I was a foster parent for teenage girls for a few years. I was a girlfriend- step mom to four kids. I have lost more friends then I care to think of and have had my heart broken more times then I can count. I have lived with chronic illness and have studied everything I can think of about a healthy body. Had very successful careers, lost businesses. Had money, lost money. Through these things, I have asked myself a million times, "God, why do you want ME to talk to people?" The answer is always empathy.

  • The Conscious Woman workshop 2017

    Temple Talks about the new manifesting in her life.

    Valentines Day

    Temple Talks about the vibe of Valentines Day.

  • Testimonials -

    "I have seen miracles take place from businesses being developed from nothing, cancer recovery, healed marriages, falling in love after great heartbreak. I don't make those things happen, but I will help you see whats possible for you and how it is possible to manifest the miracles." Temple Cartmill

    How People Are Affected

    "Temple, first I want to tell you I did sleep last night. I have thought about our time yesterday, really learned a lot about myself from you - you are right on the mark. You really do have a special gift.
    I wished mostly that I had recorded our conversation so that I could listen over & over not to miss a thing. What I do know is the path my life has taken has been what my subconscious is comfortable with. I will change my thinking and be the conscious woman I deserve to be." (2014)


    "The Conscious Woman is a place of refuge and strength to me. It's a safe place for growth and weakness the same, without judgement or consequences. I always leave feeling like I've made new friends with my peers and myself."  (2012)

    Real Pain

    I want you to know that I know about real pain. I'm not talking about rips and tares, I'm talking about the darkest seasons of pain. The time in life when you have no hope, no direction, and your barely holding on. I know that place. I have been there. I will share a bit of my experience in hopes that you will feel safe talking to me.


    I waited my whole life to have a child. I have hormonal issues as a teen that kept me on birth control most of my life. The relationships I had been in never leveled out for me to feel safe to have a child. Then at 37 I met someone that I thought would be my life mate. A few years into the relationship I got off birth control and we got pregnant. It was the miracle I was waiting for, however, I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks and it was completely devastating. I had to take time to find out what happened and get my body corrected. I wanted to try again, but things started to fall apart with my marriage. My husband was showing very serious signs of mental illness. I always knew there was something wrong, there was enough good for me to hold on and support him to heal, but things quickly went downhill. He had a complete mental breakdown and refused to get help. I stayed enclosed with him for months while he raged and spiraled out of control until he ran off and stayed away for months. It wasn't until he almost lost his life that we were able to get him diagnosed and treatment for bi-polar disorder, but the treatment was to late and the battle was to long. So much damage over the years of trying to get help had cause a split in the marriage that we couldn't save. I thought I had lost my husband to mental illness and also any plans of having a family of my own. I battled the darkness that came into my house for months and months, and not only did God restore my life, my husbands life and brought us a great new home, God has restored my heart with forgiveness and a strength that I never even new I had.


    I'm telling you this because I know what it feels like to be someone of great faith and feel like God has failed you. It is the worst feeling in the world. I know what it takes to get through that season. I have done it and so will you.

  • Templesworld Pricing is suggested donation- to call directly: 971.226.6589

    Not therapy. Real time results.

    What will happen?

    The time with me will not be about the client dumping a bunch of emotions on me or on other members of the group. It does not take me long to get the picture of the energy that is being exchanged between loved ones or the spirit of the blockage. I will quickly identify what it is that is causeing division and we will talk about practical solutions and spiritual solitions.

    God is my source of information and find my direction by asking my source to tell me. I offer hands on support to people midst of chaos. That is paired up with years of personal life experience and a large history of studies.


    I am available for speaking engagements on any topic that you want someone to bring enlightment to. Marriage, money, health. I love to work with couples that we can use real life situtations on the spot to create healing and better relationships through prayer and conscious thinking.


    Public speaking is my favorite way to bring healing. Its live, powerful and always exciting.


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    or text 971.226.6589

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    September 16, 2017 · 5
    Nothing like the sting of taking a look at your frustration and anger about certain circumstances and realizing, “Did I do that?!” (Urkel voice) Being a conscious creator is not for the faint of heart. (Cheers to me because I refrained from saying what you thought I was going to say.) My...
    July 24, 2017 · ebook,the conscious woman
    Recently I had a conversation with a girlfriend who is getting a tattoo of a cross on her arm. I said , I didn’t even know you went to church. She said I don’t. I just love Jesus in my own way and I don’t really talk about it because I don’t want people to judge me for the things I do. That...
    My husband said to me, “I don’t know how to handle it when you are emotional.” I said, “So learn.” He made that statement with the feeling that if I tell her that I can’t handle this then I will just be off the hook to handle it. Just because you don’t know how to handle something doesn’t...
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