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    Heart Healers in Wonderland


    Heart Healers in Wonderland is a live recording of a group of peers being led through the story of Alice in Wonderland in relation to how the characters of Wonderland line up with the symptoms of Bipolar.


    Temple helps the group reflect as to how we can look at these architypes of the Judgy Cheshire Cat, the Manic Rabbit, The Dysphoric Queen of Hearts and the Hookah Smoking Caterpillar to learn how to understand symptoms and be better prepared to support our partners when they are symptomatic.








    This 4 weeks of 90 minutes sessions are of the real lives, unedited (cuss words included) of people living with a loved one with bipolar and the deep reflections on how to heal and grow to be a better advocate and make the hard decisions for the health of everyone involved.


    4 weeks virtual recorded 90 minute meetings



    Recorded Training $188

  • What We Do

    My approach is a spiritual and energetic and educated view of the dynamics in your relationship and how to navigate them. I'm highly intuitive, but I will put everything I see into practical measure for you.

    This is peer support and not to replace any other medical care you have in place. Our time is more un-therapy, meaning it's time for you to create something new rather then focus on what has been affecting your life so far.



    I will give you scripts on how to get through a crisis with your loved one.

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    I will give you breakthrough support references for nutritional and supplemental support for yourself and your partners brain health. The best people to follow and books to read.

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    10 sessions of one on one video calls and on call video walkie talkie with Temple for crisis management and recovery coaching for you (The partner or family member is able to come to sessions if they are interested.) Daily support. Weekly check ins and strategic guidance.

    You will get a TON of support! Me + my team
    10 WEEKS of weekly meetings, plus video Marco Polo messaging and crisis calls. You will learn to redirect your energy to being efficient, out of crisis.
    This is a full spectrum support package. This time with me is very different then therapy. We will spend time in identifying and cleaning up old habits in yourself and your relationships. We will focus on healing codependency. If you have a partner with bipolar or any other mental illness, you will learn to advocate for them while taking care of yourself. You will recovery your spiritual strength through many energetic techniques of reconnecting your mind, body, spirit.

    You have the micro management this situation needs, a full spectrum healing to have a major transformation in your life. It's like bipolar boot camp.
    Payments available on checkout at check out through PayPal Later
    Coming soon
    Relationship Tools for The couples to work together.

    Relationship Tools for The couples to work together.

    You will get the tools on paper, but you will get to roll play with me, live with the
    5 appointments you get with the package.
    During this Live Virtual class with Temple, you will receive worksheets to help guide you on what are your needs are in the relationship and how to present them to your loved one.
    You will get help using the strategies to create the Emotion Hierarchy of needs WITH your partner present, here is a package for you to offer to them to work with YOU and ME!
    We will flesh out what makes you and your partner feel safe in all areas of your life. Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.
    1. Pillars of Safety
    2. Four square Conversations
    3. Brain/Symptom Education
    4. How to deescalate symptoms and arguments
    5. How to embrace advocacy in the relationship.
    Included will be Marco Polo video check in's and ask questions as back up in between sessions.
    Payments are available at check out through PayPal Later.

    Coming soon
    Peer Support and Coaching Virtual Support

    Peer Support and Coaching Virtual Support

    $88.00 - $758.00
    Marco Polo is a free app that you download. It is a video walkie talkie of sorts.
    The Private Facebook page is INCLUDED in this package
    You can send a video or audio message to me at anytime and it will be picked up in a reasonable amount of time. Sometimes instantly. Virtual support through video or audio messaging through the Marco Polo allows you to have access to support within 24 hours or sooner.
    Direct contact with me Monday through Friday.
    If you have taken classes with me, this is the best way to maintain support and not get isolated by your partners symptoms and lifestyle.
    Buying a safety package is required for staying in the Polo's only group after 2 months.
    PLUS added support from a small group designated by me to be with peers going through similar circumstances.
    $88 a month. Cancel anytime. or Save $300 by paying for a full year in advance.
    Coming soon
    Heart Healers in Wonderland Digital Webinar

    Heart Healers in Wonderland Digital Webinar

    This is the recording of a 4 week webinar with a group of people living with someone with bipolar. We take a journey with us through the story of Alice in Wonderland as we discover the archetypes that we have been living with through the symptoms of our partners bipolar.
    Heart Healers in Wonderland is a live recording of a group of peers being led through the story of Alice in Wonderland in relation to how the characters of Wonderland line up with the symptoms of Bipolar.

    Temple helps the group reflect as to how we can look at these architypes of the Judgy Cheshire Cat, the Manic Rabbit, The Dysphoric Queen of Hearts and the Hookah Smoking Caterpillar to learn how to understand symptoms and be better prepared.
    Reflections on how we react to mania, psychosis and depression.
    You will get insight and tools to help you navigate how to create better safety and boundaries with your loved one.
    When you purchase this class, you will have the option to receive a full 90 minute session with Temple for an additional $50
    Worksheets you will receive:
    *Bipolar Symptoms list
    *4 square needs and triggers conversation

    You will receive your digital package within 48 hours of purchase.
    Coming soon
    Coaching from Dr. Stephens and Brain Recovery Training

    Coaching from Dr. Stephens and Brain Recovery Training

    In this package you get 6 week, one day a week per zoom, as a group with other clients. World renown Neuropsychologist, Dr. David Stephens, has discovered and proven that using glucose in the right way can drastically reduce symptoms related to psychotic disorders and brain traumas. He will teach you how to use the treatment and how you recognize what are the things that are keeping the brain under fueled. The training is six weeks, however the treatment is 6 months to a year for significant symptom reduction.
    Plus a monthly check in for 6 months
    Look at his website at
    Coming soon
    VIP Custom Package

    VIP Custom Package

    This is a designed program to fit your specific needs. Gold standards for a longer term. The cost will be determined on the amount of time needed for support after we have a discovery call. Support can be available up to 24/7 on call. Team services available. All my resources will be available.
    Coming soon
    One on One 90 minutes

    One on One 90 minutes

    A zoom call.
    In 90 minutes we will break down the story of your circumstances. What are the things that have led you to a place of needing support and recovery? Are you carrying trauma? Is your body and mind over loaded with stress?
    If this is about a bipolar partner, I will guide you on how to work with the mental health system to get the support you need and how to take care of yourself in the meantime. We won't be able to solve every pain issue in one meeting, but you will take away a safety plan and a decision tree and practical mindset tools to get ready for the next steps of recovery.
    20 minute Follow up call for FREE
    Coming soon
  • Buy The Book

    Not a "How To" book...A real autobiography of the journey of discovering bipolar

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    "Whoops I Married Bipolar"

    This title is not meant to insult anyone, but that is what went through my head when I realized the reality of my loved ones illness. This is an inside look at the story of my experience of falling love with someone without knowing he had mental illness.


    The story is an emotional and spiritual reflection of the unfolding of bipolar disorder in the relationship. It is the story before the diagnosis. I want to help people realize what they are dealing with earlier and remove the shame of staying in the relationship. It's not a fairy tale, and we are not saints, so prepare yourself for the real adult story of love with a spouse with bipolar.


    CLICK HERE or on the image for purchase. $12.99 Audio Book

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    The Book is on E Book NOW!~

    You can now purchase the book on Kindle through Amazon or through my personal website in PDF form at TempleLeffingwell.com


    CLICK HERE for Amazon purchase. $14.99 EBook

  • Book Reviews

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    Temple uses her unique perspective, hard-won skills and empathetic Heart as she turns her focus toward assisting those who live with this bi-polar phenomenon in their home.


    This book is an eye-opener and a must-read for those who feel alone in this situation. There is hope for your relationship.


    LR, Portland OR

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    After a year, I never even read her book until this week when I bought it online.
    After reading it I am even more convinced how relatable her story was to me. Our husbands may have different diagnosis- but everything else was so familiar!
    She is one of the folks who inspired me to start blogging my story. She doesn’t know me, and I don’t know her/ but I appreciate her so much. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for inspiring me to share mine!



    broken image

    Temple! What a great book! There were times that I felt like you were talking about my life, I think all of us can relate in so many ways! I’m really looking forward to the second one. Our mental Health system is sooo frustrating God Bless you and your husband. I have always thought about writing a book, I’m so glad that you did! And the title at first glance had me go hmmmm...and then realizing that we have to laugh instead of cry sometimes! I didn’t think it was offensive though.



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    Former Clients Testimony

    Temple is a wealth of information and resources. She brings practical wisdom and tools to her clients. She is insightful and compassionate. One title could not adequately describe the beautiful synergy of specializations that Temple brings to her clients: a life coach, healer, therapist, energy-worker, spiritual guide, nutritionist, and so much more all wrapped up in a caring and humorous package! You will feel her presence and see the positive impact on your life.


    Working with Temple is an investment into yourself and your loved ones. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their lives.


    I have gained insight and perspectives as well as solid life skills and tools to utilize when life becomes difficult or overwhelming. I am better equipped to handle crises when they arise. I give myself more grace and acceptance. I am lighter and more at peace overall. I am more free to be authentically me!

    SS-Seatle, WA

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    Former Clients Testimony

    Temple gives you the eyes you need to see the truth of your situation. She gives you the ears you need when you have no one to talk to about your situation with your Bipolar loved one. And she gives you the love and courage you need to do what needs to be done to take care of yourself and your family. Temple gives you her wealth of information and personal experience in walking through life with someone you love who has a mental illness. She gives you insight and practical advice on what steps you need to take and the order to take them in. She gives you, with your own intuition, a step by step action plan to take control of your life and help your bipolar loved one. She gives you a shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold and the validation you need to keep going.


    I have seen myself come back to life. I was frozen in my situation and didn't know what to do or where to start. Temple helped me create an action plan and see my situation for what it really was. She helped me affirm to myself what I needed to do to heal and how best to help my husband.

    SY- Hawaii

  • “Understanding how we are affecting the world and how the world is affecting us.”

    – Temple Leffingwell

  • Donate HERE: If you want to support the advocacy work; you can here

    Use this link to give donations if the button isn't showing, refresh your screen.

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    Follow Me @imarriedbipolar on IG and Clubhouse

    I have dozens of free videos in the IGTV section of Instagram with real time situations that you might face with your bipolar spouse.

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    IG Comments

    Thank you for your posts. They help me with having more compassion with my husband and daughter who both suffer with bipolar..I get so frustrated but have to realize it's not them..its the bipolar. You are so right about having time to yourself. It is so important and helps a lot. It is hard being a caretaker in a marriage..and no one to care for us..we have to make it priority to care for ourselves as to not get burn out!

    Instagram Follower

    IG Comments

    @whoopsimarriedabipolar .
    I still feel like I was meant to stumble on her page. I was meant to see her story. I was meant to look at her videos and absorb the tips she posted online on managing life with a bipolar spouse.
    John was later correctly diagnosed with schizophrenia and correctly medicated (so far!) but I never forgot Temple. This entire time, I never even read her book until this week when I bought it online.
    After reading it I am even more convinced how relatable her story was to me. Our husbands may have different diagnosis- but everything else was so familiar!
    She is one of the folks who inspired me to start blogging my story. She doesn’t know me, and I don’t know her/ but I appreciate her so much. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for inspiring me to share mine!

    IG Follower

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    Join my advocacy group on Clubhouse. It's an audio platform that you can jump in and just listen or participate in the experiences of living with a loved one with bipolar and other mental illnesses.

    Currently it's on Wed at 3pm PST. You need an invitation to join Clubhouse. Send me a message here or through Instagram to get the invitation.

    Group Support! Find me @imarriedbipolar It's FREE!

  • Profiles

    Speaking to make change!

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    Temple Time

    See the world through my eyes, you'll be amazed what you see.

    Most of society see's the physical reality as the truth of their circumstances, I see the Spirit of our lives as the truth. The conditions can change dramatically by our actions, we can be rich and poor, healthy and sick in the same lifetime but if we focus on our spiritual condition first, the earthly conditions won't have the power over us.


    I started at out in my 20's teaching awareness to teenagers on how to understand what they were creating with their intentions and how to see God all things, no matter how it looks. As I got older so did my clients and now in my 40's I have supported many marriages and families in healing. I am a voice for the family to speak to each other with clarity and a spiritual mediator to always reflect what it is that God wants us to see and to coach the family on how to bring prayer into their lives as a tool. Also, to see past the veil of emotions and pain, but the true growth that is to evolve our souls.

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    Speaking Events

    I have been doing workshops for 25 years and have attended more then I can count. I love to talk to groups!

    If you have an event that needs a speaker on relationships, mental health and spirituality, I'm your gal.

    Contact me through phone or email to schedule me for your next event.



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    Deborah Kimbrough (Guest Speaker)


    Deborah Kimbrough is a dynamic speaker that brings the heart of God to every talk. A wife of a Pastor, a mother of four and a powerful singer, she knows the truth about the love that is divinely yours. You will be moved. She is the Co-Pastor of Unity Family Church in Vancouver, WA

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    Connie Miller (Guest Speaker)

    Spiritual Teacher

    Connie has studied the teachings of ancient healers. She is authentically connected to Spirit and always delivers a gentle yet powerful message.

  • Testimonials -

    "I have seen miracles take place from businesses being developed from nothing, cancer recovery, healed marriages, falling in love after great heartbreak. I don't make those things happen, but I will help you see what's possible for you and how it is possible to manifest the miracles." Temple

    How People Are Affected

    "Temple, first I want to tell you I did sleep last night. I have thought about our time yesterday, really learned a lot about myself from you - you are right on the mark. You really do have a special gift.
    I wished mostly that I had recorded our conversation so that I could listen over & over not to miss a thing. What I do know is the path my life has taken has been what my subconscious is comfortable with. I will change my thinking and be the conscious woman I deserve to be." (2014)


    "The Conscious Woman is a place of refuge and strength to me. It's a safe place for growth and weakness the same, without judgement or consequences. I always leave feeling like I've made new friends with my peers and myself."  (2012)

    Real Pain

    I want you to know that I know about real pain. I'm not talking about rips and tares, I'm talking about the darkest seasons of pain. The time in life when you have no hope, no direction, and your barely holding on. I know that place. I have been there. I will share a bit of my experience in hopes that you will feel safe talking to me.


    I waited my whole life to have a child. I have hormonal issues as a teen that kept me on birth control most of my life. The relationships I had been in never leveled out for me to feel safe to have a child. Then at 37 I met someone that I thought would be my life mate. A few years into the relationship I got off birth control and we got pregnant. It was the miracle I was waiting for, however, I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks and it was completely devastating. I had to take time to find out what happened and get my body corrected. I wanted to try again, but things started to fall apart with my marriage. My husband was showing very serious signs of mental illness. I always knew there was something wrong, there was enough good for me to hold on and support him to heal, but things quickly went downhill. He had a complete mental breakdown and refused to get help. I stayed enclosed with him for months while he raged and spiraled out of control until he ran off and stayed away for months. It wasn't until he almost lost his life that we were able to get him diagnosed and treatment for bi-polar disorder, but the treatment was to late and the battle was to long. So much damage over the years of trying to get help had cause a split in the marriage that we couldn't save. I thought I had lost my husband to mental illness and also any plans of having a family of my own. I battled the darkness that came into my house for months and months, and not only did God restore my life, my husbands life and brought us a great new home, God has restored my heart with forgiveness and a strength that I never even new I had.


    I'm telling you this because I know what it feels like to be someone of great faith and feel like God has failed you. It is the worst feeling in the world. I know what it takes to get through that season. I have done it and so will you.

  • Templesworld Pricing is suggested donation- to call directly: 971.226.6589

    Not therapy. Real time results.

    What will happen?

    The time with me will not be about the client dumping a bunch of emotions on me or on other members of the group. It does not take me long to get the picture of the energy that is being exchanged between loved ones or the spirit of the blockage. I will quickly identify what it is that is causing division and we will talk about practical solutions and spiritual solutions.

    God and my education is my source of information and I find my direction by asking my source to tell me. I offer hands on support to people midst of chaos. That is paired up with years of personal life experience and a large history of college and independent studies.


    I am available for speaking engagements on any topic that you want someone to bring enlightment to. Marriage, money, health. I love to work with couples that we can use real life situtations on the spot to create healing and better relationships through prayer and conscious thinking.


    Public speaking is my favorite way to bring healing. Its live, powerful and always exciting.